What Is DIN Rail Mounting?

What Is DIN Rail Mounting?

DIN rail mounting is a common method for installing telecommunication devices, compact fiber enclosures, patch panels, termination boxes alongside other equipment in an telecommunication closet, electrical cabinet, rack, or on a wall.

DIN rails are named after the German translation of the German Institute of Standards where this particular rail-mounting system was first established in the late 1920s. The DIN rails come in a few different variations, but have similar characteristics around the world, making them a universal great mounting solution for all sorts of electrical equipment, telecom parts. Because of their utility, these DIN standards were later adopted by the IEC: International Electrotechnical Commission and became IEC/EN 60715.

Depending on the particular equipment you’re trying to mount as well as the rails you’re using, there will likely be some differences. Looking at DIN rail dimensions, there can be some variations in the shape, but the most common DIN rail (often referred to as a top-hat DIN rail) is 35mm wide and comes in depths of 7.5mm and 15mm.

DIN Rail Clamp/Clip

A DIN rail clamp or clip is an indispensable accessory for DIN rail mounting. This DIN rail clamp could be used on kinds of compact fiber enclosures, termination boxes, or MTP/MPO cassette modules.

DIN Rail Mount Fiber Box

FOCONEC offers one panel type DIN rail mount fiber box, to realize flexible fiber cable termination and distributions.

DIN Rail Clamp/Clip

DIN rail mountable MTP or MPO fiber cassette modules, which could be mounted in LGX rack mount fiber enclosures, patch panels, wall mount fiber enclosures, termination boxes.

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