What Is A Fiber Optic Splice Closure?

A Fiber Optic Splice Closure is one fiber cable junction box/enclosure, mainly used to accommodate & protect fiber optic splices, realizing fiber cables’ branching, termination, and connection for long-distance fiber optic transmission.

Fiber optic splice closures are suitable for outdoor aerial, underground installation. They are waterproof and UV resistant.


  • high strength PC outer housing
  • Suitable for trunk fibers and ribbon fibers
  • Splice Capacity: 12~288 cores(bundle fibers)
  • Reliable mechanical/heat-shrinkable sealing, waterproof
  • Aerial, pipeline, duck, wall/pope mounted, flexible applications

Things You Should Know Before Ordering

Horizontal or Vertical?

Depending on different designed structures, we have Horizontal(in-line type) & Vertical(dome type) splice closures for customers’ options.In-line 96 Fiber Splice Closure 3 Cable Inlets/Outlets

Horizontal Fiber Optic Splice Closure has a flat/cylindrical outer housing and has one or more fiber splice trays assembled to hold/protect optical fiber splices. The splice capacity could cover a range of 6 to 288 fibers. To meet underground buried and outdoor aerial applications, horizontal fiber optic splice closures are waterproof and dustproof and feature good adaptability and compression resistance.

Dome Fiber Optic Splice Closure 48 Cores, Shrink Tube SealVertical Fiber Optic Splice Closure is also called dome splice closure. Same as the horizontal splice enclosures, they are suitable for underground buried and outdoor aerial applications. The splices capacities are from 12 to max 288 cores for fiber trunk cables.

All our fiber enclosures are made of high strength engineering plastics, with 1 inlet/ 1 outlet ports, 2 inlet/2 outlet ports or 3 inlet/outlet ports, fitting fiber cable with different fiber cables.

  • Inlet/Outlet Cable Ports

The number of cable inlet/outlet ports of a fiber optic closure decides how many cables can be terminated in this splices enclosures or distributed to other premises.  According to the network capacity, the number of cables employed in it, we should choose the suitable fiber splice enclosures. Usually, in an attempt to reduce the physical size of high-capacity closures, we should choose splice enclosures with smaller ports for branch cables and drop cables.

  • Splice Capacities

As per fiber optic cables types deployed in the networks, we could calculate how many fibers will be spliced in the splice closures, then choose how many splices trays, protection sleeves need to pre-assembled.

  • Materials Used

The cable termination system should meet sufficient mechanical strength between the cable and closure to ensure its performance throughout the lifetime. The materials of fiber optic splice closures shall be capable of minimizing or negating the effects of relative motion between cable components in order to avoid thermal expansion and contraction.

  • Bonding & Grounding

Proper bonding and grounding of conductive elements of the optical network shall be provided for the safe deployment and operation of the network.

  • Hardware

No matter horizontal or vertical fiber optic splice closures, extra hardware shall be attached to hang on the messenger wire or attach to the pole depending on the network configuration. The hardware should be able to bear wear and tear, also environmental stresses.

What Splice Closures We Have?


FOCONEC supplies various fiber optic splice enclosures with different ports types, splice capacities. All are suitable for protecting optical fiber splices in straight-through and branching applications. Other fiber termination boxes, distribution panels are available for safe, flexible, long-time protection of optical fiber splices, fiber cable management.

Our team is always ready at your service.

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