SC Fiber Optic Pigtails

SC Fiber Optic Pigtails

Generally, SC fiber optic pigtails are pre-terminated fiber optic cables with an SC connector terminated on one end, and another end is kept open-ended. SC fiber optic pigtails are typically used to connect fiber optic cables to other equipment or to splice with other fiber optic cables in a structured cabling system.

The SC connector is a type of fiber optic connector that uses a push-pull mechanism to connect and disconnect the cable. The connector features a 2.5mm ferrule that helps to align the fibers for low insertion loss and high return loss. SC connectors are commonly used in data centers and telecommunication applications.

SC fiber optic pigtails are available in various fiber types, including single-mode G652D, bend-insensitive G657A2, multimode 62.5/125 OM2, 50/125 OM2, OM3, OM4, or OM5 fibers, with different lengths and jacket colors to match specific installation requirements. The pigtails can be spliced with other fiber optic cables using fusion splicing or mechanical splicing techniques, providing a reliable and efficient way to connect different fiber optic components in a cabling system.

Overall, SC fiber optic pigtails are a cost-effective and convenient solution for terminating and connecting fiber optic cables in a variety of applications, such as telecommunications, data centers, and industrial environments.

The fiber cables used for producing SC fiber optic pigtails are mostly 900um tight buffer fibers, like some types we offer:

Except for 900um tight buffer fiber cables,  distribution fiber cables are another popular cable used for producing fiber pigtails. The cable features s single jacket containing 6, 12, 24, and 48 core 0.9mm loose tube fibers.

As per customers’ needs, the fanout legs could be 0.9mm, or by adding breakout kits, be harnessed up to 2.0mm. As factory-pre-terminated fiber cables, they are widely used for backbone, enterprise, and data center cabling.

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