SC Fiber Optic Adapter / Coupler

What Is A SC Fiber Adapter?

An SC fiber optic adapter is a fiber optic interconnection device used to couple 2 SC fiber connectors from two separate fiber patch cables. An SC optical fiber adapter has a plastic housing & a ceramic mating sleeve, which offer precise, low loss connector coupling.

What SC Adapters We offer?

SC fiber optic adapters cover a wide range of configurations.

Based on the out structures & coupling ports of the plastic housings, the adapters have classified into simplex & duplex adapter.

According to fiber type, our SC adapters are also grouped to single-mode, multimode OM1/OM2, OM3, or OM4, each type has a specific color.

Things We Should Know Before Order

  • Single-mode or Multimode?

Before ordering, we should know our adapters will be used in single-mode or multimode fiber networks.

There are SC/UPC connectors & SC/APC connectors in single-mode fiber. For them, we should use a single-mode SC adapter in blue color & green color respectively.

For multimode SC connectors, we have SC adapters in beige color for multimode OM1/OM2 fiber or aqua color in multimode OM3 fiber.

  • Simplex or Duplex?

SC simplex fiber optic adapter has one channel, is suitable to connect one SC connector on a patch cord to one SC connector from another patch cord. SC duplex adapters have 2 channels, could connect 4 SC connectors.

  • Standard or Short Flange?

Normally, an SC adapter, no matter simplex or duplex, has flanges with screws holes for screw installation one fiber panels, enclosures, optical transmission devices. For special requirements, and saving installing space, there are SC adapters with short flanges(no screw holes).

  • Insertion Loss

Standardly, the insertion loss of SC connectors is less than 0.2dB. For some fiber networks, SC connectors with insertion loss lower than 0.1dB are required.

  • Packaging

For bulk quantity, we could pack an adapter in a plastic box with a specific quantity. Or we could pack them separately in plastic bags, even with test labels.

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