Patch Panels & Enclosures

High Density LGX Fiber Patch Panel 1U, Rack Fiber Enclosure

rack mount fiber patch panel, LGX fiber enclosure 1U, slide inner tray, with 3 adapter panels, 12, 24, 48, 72 port.

High Density Fiber Patch Panel 2U LGX Rack Mount Enclosure

2U rack mount fiber enclosure, LGX patch panel with 6 fiber adapter panels, max 144 port fiber connection, black powder coated.

High Density LGX Fiber Patch Panel 4U, Rack Mount Enclosure

4U rack mounted fiber enclosure, high density fiber patch panels with 12 LGX adapter panels, 19 / 21 inch rackmount, max 288 port fiber connections.

Fixed 19 Inch Rack Mount Fiber Optic Patch Panel 1U

rack mounted fixed fiber optic enclosure, patch panel holds two SC, FC, LC or ST adapter panels, 12 / 24 / 48 port fiber splicing.

Swing Out Fiber Optic Patch Panel 1U, 2 Adapter Panel

swing-out fiber patch panels, rack mount enclosure holds 2 adapter panel, 12 / 24 / 48 port fiber splicing, termination, distribution.

Compact Wall Mount Fiber Box with LGX SC Adapter Panel 12 Port

WOB-L1P wall mount fiber box, with SC LGX fiber adapter, max 12 port fiber splices, black powder coated.

Compact Wall Mount Fiber Box with LGX LC Adapter Panel 12 Port

WOB-L1P compact wall mount fiber box, LGX fiber adapter with LC multimode duplex square adapters, 12 port, black powder coated.

High Density Wall Mount Fiber Enclosure with LGX Fiber Adapter Panels

Q-Conec high density wall fiber enclosure, with 2 or 4 or 9 LGX fiber adapter panels, double door with lock, black powder coated.

Empty Fiber Adapter Panel for SC Simplex or LC Duplex Adapters

empty fiber optic adapter panel, suitable for SC simplex adapter or LC duplex adapter, LGX fiber plate black powder coated.

LGX Fiber Adapter Panel SC/APC 6 Port

6 port fiber adapter panel with SC simplex adapters, APC green color, cold rolled steel back powder coated fiber plate for LGX fiber patch panel.

Empty Fiber Optic Adapter Panel for SC Duplex or LC Quad Adapters

Empty fiber adapter panel, black power coated steel fiber adapter plate, SC duplex and LC quad adapters, compatible with LGX fiber enclosures, boxes.

LGX Fiber Adapter Panel with SC OM3 Duplex Adapter, 12 Port

fiber adapter panel / plate 12 port, with 6 duplex SC OM3 10gig duplex adapters, for LGX compatible fiber patch panels, enclosures, boxes.

LGX 12 Port Fiber Adapter Panel, SC Single Mode Duplex Adapters

SC to SC fiber optic adapter panel, 12 port, with 6 duplex SC/SC single mode duplex adapters, LGX mounting dimension, black powder coated fiber plate.

Empty ST Fiber Adapter Panel 6 Port

black powder coated empty fiber adapter panel for LGX fiber panels, enclosures, for 6 ST simplex adapters, 18 gauge steel.

ST-ST Fiber Optic Adapter Panel 6 Port

ST fiber optic adapter with ST simplex adapter, 6 port fiber plate, fit in LGX fiber patch panels, chassis, enclosures, boxes.

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