Patch Panel Accessories

Patch Panel Snap-in Latches / Push Pin Fasteners

patch panel snap-in latches, push pin fasteners for fiber patch panels, enclosure, boxes, nylon material

Cable Inlet Outlet Grommet, Hole Plug

PHG-B15/20/28/30 cable inlet/outlet grommet, hole plug, cover and protect cable wire inlets/outlets of fiber patch panels, enclosures

Patch Panel Edge Protector / Bushing

buy Metal Panel Edge Trim Protector / Bushing, good compatibility for different angles, protect cables wires from scratches

Spring-Loaded Plunger, Hand Retractable

sell spring-loaded plunger, used as a positioning pin on the slidable tray of network fiber patch panels, enclosures, distribution panels

Fiber Cable Protect Bracket For Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panels

Fiber Cable Protect Bracket, installed on cable inlets/outlets of rack mount fiber patch panels, protect fiber cables from scratching by the edges

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