FTTH Fittings

ADSS Cable Anchoring Clamp, Dead End Tension Clamp, Plastic Housing

AC-P05 ADSS Cable Anchoring Clamp, dead-end grip clamp to sustaining or suspending self-supporting aerial fiber cables, wires.

Dead End Anchor Clamp, High Strength Tension Clamp for ADSS Cable

AC-A10/15/22 dead end anchor clamp, tension clamp to anchor ADSS cable,  aerial self-supporting fiber cables, transmission lines

Figure-8 Fiber Cable Anchor Tension Clamp

AC-F8-37/69 Figure-8 aerial cable anchor tension clamp for aerial optical fiber cable w/ 3-7mm or 6-9mm messenger wire

Anchoring Tension Clamp, Aluminum, Small Size, High Strength

AC-F8 small size dead-end anchoring tension clamp for self-supporting figure-8 fiber cable with stainless steel or aluminum alloy messenger

Short Span Anchoring Tension Clamp for Figure-8 FTTH Drop Cable

AC-F8-03 Short Span Anchoring Tension Clamp for Figure-8 FTTH Drop Cable w/ steel or aluminum alloy messenger

Aerial Fiber Cable Suspension Anchor Clamp

JCH-** Aerial Fiber Cable Suspension Clamp, J type overhead line suspension clamp for round cables with 5mm to 20mm diameter

FTTH Fiber Drop Cable Anchoring Clamp, Steel Type

fiber drop cable anchoring clamp, steel type, flat cable clamp bracket to lead fiber optic drop cables in FTTH, FTTX, FTTB solutions

Pigtail Type Screw Hook for Drop Cable Wire Anchoring Clamp

CCH-P01 pigtail type screw hook for drop cable wire anchoring clamp for telecommunication subscriber loop, FTTH, and other pole line solutions

C Type Drop Cable Clamp Draw Hook, Wall Mounted

CCH-C02 C type drop cable clamp, draw hook, to strain or suspend FTTH drop cables, widely used for fiber access networks.

Anchoring Clamp S Type for FTTH Fiber Drop Cable

S type anchoring clamp, fiber cable dead-end clamp to fix FTTH fiber drop cable with steel wire strength member.

FTTH Cable Wire Strain Hook, Suspension Clamp with Clip

FCH-C0210 FTTH cable wire strain hook, suitable for aerial cable messengers cover FRP, kevlar, steel materials

Pole Mounting Bracket for FTTH Drop Cable Wire Clamp

PMB-C01 Pole Mounting Bracket wholesaler, galvanized steel, pole-mounted, used to fix dead end cable clamps, anchoring clamps

UPB Pole Mount Bracket For Hanging Anchor Clamps

UPB pole mount bracket, pole-mounted by steel bands or bolt, hanging ADSS cable, fiber drop cable anchor clamp, suspension clamp

Fish Type FTTH Fiber Drop Cable Tension Clamp Self-Adjustable

DCTC-F500 fish type drop cable tension Clamp, self-adjustable anchoring clamp, suitable fiber optic drop cable wire

Figure-8 Aerial Fiber Cable Suspension Clamp

ASC-F0409 suspension clamp for anchoring fig-8 fiber drop cable, 2 wire grooves.

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