Fiber Optic Accessories

Anchoring Clamp S Type for FTTH Fiber Drop Cable

S type anchoring clamp, fiber cable dead-end clamp to fix FTTH fiber drop cable with steel wire strength member.

FTTH Cable Wire Strain Hook, Suspension Clamp with Clip

FCH-C0210 FTTH cable wire strain hook, suitable for aerial cable messengers cover FRP, kevlar, steel materials

UPB Pole Mount Bracket For Hanging Anchor Clamps

UPB pole mount bracket, pole-mounted by steel bands or bolt, hanging ADSS cable, fiber drop cable anchor clamp, suspension clamp

Pole Mounting Bracket for FTTH Drop Cable Wire Clamp

PMB-C01 Pole Mounting Bracket wholesaler, galvanized steel, pole-mounted, used to fix dead end cable clamps, anchoring clamps

Fish Type FTTH Fiber Drop Cable Tension Clamp Self-Adjustable

DCTC-F500 fish type drop cable tension Clamp, self-adjustable anchoring clamp, suitable fiber optic drop cable wire

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