Fiber Optic Accessories

Handheld Optical Power Meter, Red Light & Stable Laser Source Integrated

OPM-H80 Handheld Optical Power Meter, 800~1700nm, use for installation, operation, and maintenance of a fiber-optic network

FTTH Fiber Optic Tool Case

FTC-001B FTTH Fiber Optic Tool Case, combining the function of the in-door cable stripper, cleaver, cleaning, and testing

FTTH Optical Fiber Cleaning Tool Case

FTTH fiber cleaning tool case, used to clean fibers, connectors, adapters, realize effective field fiber optic connectivity, cable termination

Fiber Cable Jacket Stripper CFS-2

CFS-S fiber optic cable jacket stripper, used to strip indoor fiber cable with 3.0mm, 2.0mm, 0.9mm diameter

Handheld Stable Optical Light Source, 850nm/1300nm, 1310nm/1550nm

handheld stable optical light source, multimode with a wavelength of 850/1300nm, single-mode with a wavelength of 1310/1550nm

Mini Optical Power Meter, Handheld

OPM-H48 Mini Optical Power Meter, a pocketable fiber test instrument, Used for installation, Maintainance of a fiber-optic network.

Mini Optical Light Source, Dual or Triple Wavelength

OLS-H68 Optical Light Source, advanced control technology, high output, ultra-low-power operation

Small Size Optical Power Meter, 800~1700nm wavelength

OPM-HL36 small size Optical Power Meter, 800~1700nm test wavelength, handheld, low-cost optical fiber tester

PON Power Meter with OPM or VFL

PPM-H98 PON Power Meter, an optical signal tester for PON network construction & maintenance, used to connected OLT and ONT

650nm Visual Fault Locator Pen Type

VFL-P10 Pen Type 650nm visual fault locator for identifying & locating faults of SM or MM fiber, fiber test tool to dead zone of OTDR, fiber networks

Handheld Visual Fault Lacator VSL-H08

VSL-H08 Handheld Visual Fault Locator, Portable VFL used to inspect the damaged or broken point of an optical fiber in cables, patch cords

Handheld OTDR, Single Mode Fiber

OTDR-H130 handheld OTDR, designed for the construction and maintenance of telecommunication and CATV networks

Optical Time Domain Reflectometer, Multi-functional OTDR

multi-functional Optical Time Domain Reflectometer - OTDR, 8 major functional modules integrated

Handheld Variable Optical Attenuator

VOA-H60 handheld variable optical attenuator, 0~30dB or 0~60dB attenuation range, to test optical power loss in FTTH, CATV networks

ADSS Cable Anchoring Clamp, Dead End Tension Clamp

AC-D05 ADSS Cable Anchoring Clamp, dead-end grip clamp to sustaining or suspending self-supporting aerial fiber cables, wires.

Dead End Anchor Clamp, High Strength Tension Clamp for ADSS Cable

AC-A10/15/22 dead end anchor clamp, tension clamp to anchor ADSS cable,  aerial self-supporting fiber cables, transmission lines

Figure-8 Fiber Cable Anchor Tension Clamp

AC-F8-37/69 Figure-8 aerial cable anchor tension clamp for aerial optical fiber cable w/ 3-7mm or 6-9mm messenger wire

Anchoring Tension Clamp, Aluminum, Small Size, High Strength

AC-F8 small size dead-end anchoring tension clamp for self-supporting figure-8 fiber cable with stainless steel or aluminum alloy messenger

Short Span Anchoring Tension Clamp for Figure-8 FTTH Drop Cable

AC-F8-03 Short Span Anchoring Tension Clamp for Figure-8 FTTH Drop Cable w/ steel or aluminum alloy messenger

Aerial Fiber Cable Suspension Anchor Clamp

JCH-** Aerial Fiber Cable Suspension Clamp, J type overhead line suspension clamp for round cables with 5mm to 20mm diameter

FTTH Fiber Drop Cable Anchoring Clamp, Steel Type

fiber drop cable anchoring clamp, steel type, flat cable clamp bracket to lead fiber optic drop cables in FTTH, FTTX, FTTB solutions

Pigtail Type Screw Hook for Drop Cable Wire Anchoring Clamp

CCH-P01 pigtail type screw hook for drop cable wire anchoring clamp for telecommunication subscriber loop, FTTH, and other pole line solutions

C Type Drop Cable Clamp Draw Hook, Wall Mounted

CCH-C02 C type drop cable clamp, draw hook, to strain or suspend FTTH drop cables, widely used for fiber access networks.

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