Fiber Optic Accessories

Compact Fiber Splice Holder 12 Core, Black Color

FSHA-PB12F fusion fiber splice holder, 12 fiber, plastic in black/white color, used in splice trays or compact wall mount fiber termination boxes

Fiber Splice Protection Sleeve Holder, 12 Core, Black

FSHH-PB12F fiber optic fusion splice protector holder, 12 core, suitable for 2.5/3.0mm heat shrink sleeves

24 Core Fiber Optic Splice Tray, Transparent Cover

FOST-A24F fiber optic splice tray 24 core, transparent cover with label mark for fibers, used in fiber patch panels, enclosure, LIU

Fiber Optic Splice Tray 24 Cores FOST-B24F, Transparent Cover

FOST-B24F fiber optic splice tray, max fixing 24 core fusion fiber splices, transparent cover, plastic in the gray-white color

Stackable Fiber Optic Splice Tray, 24 Core, Small Size

FOST-D24F fiber optic splice tray, stackable, suitable for max 24 core fusion fiber splice protector sleeves w/ 2.5mm or 3.0mm diameter

Heat Shrink Protection Sleeves, Fiber Splice Protector

1.2mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm heat-shrink protection sleeve, fiber optic fusion splice protector with 40mm, 60mm or customized lengths

SC Duplex Adapter Blank Plug / Insert

FABP-SCDX blank plug/insert, cover unused SC duplex adapter holes on fiber patch panels, enclosure, LIU, termination box

Blank Plug ST / FC Simplex

FABP-ST/FCSX ST or FC simplex blank insert/plug, to cover ST or FC simplex adapter positions on fiber patch panels, enclosures, boxes

Fiber Optic Blank Plug SC Simplex or LC Duplex

FABP-SCSX SC simplex blank plug / insert, suitable to cover SC simplex or LC duplex adapter position on fiber enclosures, distribution patch panels

Distribution Fiber Cable Breakout Kit, 6, 12, 24 Core

plastic breakout kit, suitable to terminate 6, 8, 12, 24 core single jacket distribution fiber trunk cables, 2.0 or 3.0mm fanout legs

Patch Cable Breakout Kit 12, 24 Core for Mini Fiber Trunk Cable

MDBK-09-12/24 breakout kit for mini fiber trunks, 12 core or 24 core, plastic or metal type breakout kits available

Fiber Cable Breakout Kit 24 Core, 2.0mm Fanout Legs

DBK2-02-24 fiber cable breakout kit 24 Core, used to terminate trunk fiber patch cable with harnessed fanout legs up to 2.0mm diameter

Patch Panel Snap-in Latches / Push Pin Fasteners

patch panel snap-in latches, push pin fasteners for fiber patch panels, enclosure, boxes, nylon material

Cable Inlet Outlet Grommet, Hole Plug

PHG-B15/20/28/30 cable inlet/outlet grommet, hole plug, cover and protect cable wire inlets/outlets of fiber patch panels, enclosures

Patch Panel Edge Protector / Bushing

buy Metal Panel Edge Trim Protector / Bushing, good compatibility for different angles, protect cables wires from scratches

Spring-Loaded Plunger, Hand Retractable

sell spring-loaded plunger, used as a positioning pin on the slidable tray of network fiber patch panels, enclosures, distribution panels

Fiber Cable Protect Bracket For Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panels

Fiber Cable Protect Bracket, installed on cable inlets/outlets of rack mount fiber patch panels, protect fiber cables from scratching by the edges

Black Half Round Cable Spool For Fiber Patch Panels, Enclosures

half round fiber cable management spool, plastic in black color, pair used in fiber patch panels, enclosures, LIU.

Fiber Cable Management Ring Adhesive Mount Type

CRH-01W fiber cable management ring, adhesive mounted in rack mount or wall mount fiber patch panels, enclosures, termination boxes, LIU

Fiber Cable Management Spool for Fiber Panels, Enclosures

FCS-RB120 round fiber cable wire spool, suitable to install in 2U, 3U, 4U rack mount fiber enclosure, or wall mount fiber patch panel, LIU

Fiber Cable Wire Management Ring

fiber cable wire management ring, plug & lock design, used in rack mount fiber patch panels, enclosure, LIU

DIN Rail Clamp 35mm for Fiber Box, LIU

DRC-B35 35mm DIN rail clamp, use to fix fiber termination box on DIN rail in telecommunication closet, room, etc.

25mm DIN Rail Clamp for Fiber Box, LIU

DRC-B25 25mm DIN rail clamp, aluminum clamp to mount fiber termination box on DIN rail in telecommunication closet, data centers

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