Fiber Distribution Box

Fiber Optic Distribution Hub, Wall Mount Splitter Box 8 Port

8 port pole/wall mounted fiber distribution box/hub, 2 cable inlets, 8 drop cable outlets, suitable for 8 fiber splices, 1x8 PLC splitters

Fiber Distribution Box / Hub, Wall Mounted, 4 Port

Plastic 4 port fiber distribution box/hub, pole or wall mounted, suitable for SC, LC, ST, FC adapters

Surface Mount Wall Outlet Fiber Box, 2 Port

FOB86A-2F wall surface mount fiber outlet box, 2 port, w/ SC or LC adapters, terminate drop cable wire for FTTH, FTTB, FTTO, etc

Fiber Optic Wall Outlet Box, 2 Port, for FTTH, Work Area

FOB-P130-2P 2 port fiber optic wall outlet box, suitable for FTTH indoor application or wall area fiber termination

Fiber Optic Wall Outlet Box, 2 Port, Hinged Cover

wall mount fiber outlet box, SC 2 port, with hinged cover, plastic material in white color, wall surface mounted, indoor application

Fiber Wall Socket Outlet, 2 Fiber Termination Box

FOB-P0810-2F wall mount fiber outlet box, w/ SC simplex or LC duplex adapters, 2 port, indoor used

Fiber Optic Outlet Box SC / LC 2 Port, Wall Mount

1 or 2 port fiber outlet box, suitable for SC, LC, FC adapter, wall surface mounted, indoor used for fiber to the home

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