Wall Mount Fiber Termination Box SC 8 Port

WTB-SC8F wall mount fiber termination box, with 8 SC simplex adapters, indoor used, 2 cable inlets, grey or black powder coated

General Details

WTB-SC8F Wall Mount Fiber Termination Box is with 8 SC simplex adapters loaded, and suitable for indoor use as a wall-mounted outlet box to terminate entrance fiber optic cables.

We use this 8 port fiber termination box in networking closet, fiber optic communication room, corridor or anywhere with smaller mounting space, and no need expense of heavy-duty wall-mounted fiber enclosures.

It has splice holders attached for max accommodating 12 fiber splices.

The hinged & latched front cover allows easy accessibility for managing interior fiber optic cables, save installation time, and labor cost.


  • latched cover, easy for on-site operation and cable management
  • 6, 8, 12 port fiber connection
  • SC, LC, FC, ST adapter panel available
  • 2 cable inlet/outlet
  • SPCC material
  • beige or black color

Dimension 137*117*37mm
Capacity8 port
Surface Finishing beige or black powder coated
Applicationindoor wall mounted

Order Guide
Part NumberWTB-SC8F
Adapter Panel1 piece
AdapterSC simplex adapters
Port Capacity6, 8 port

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