Wall Mount Fiber Enclosure, SC 48 Port Patch Panel

WMFE-DL4P-SC48F wall mount fiber enclosure, w/ 4 SC fiber adapter panels, 48 port fiber splices, distribution, storage, black powder-coated

General Details

FOCONEC produces Q-Conec Wall Mount Fiber Patch Panel Enclosure SC 48 Port. It has 4 LGX adapter panels fully loaded SC duplex adapters, so to realize up to 48 core fusion fiber splices, SC to SC connectors terminations.

The SC duplex adapters assembled on adapter panels could be single-mode, multimode type in specific colors.

12 Port SC Fiber Adapter Panel, Single Mode fiber adapter plate
12 Port SC Fiber Adapter Panel, OM3, Short Flange Adapters
12 Port SC UPC Fiber Adapter Panel, Multimode fiber adapter plate

The LGX compatible wall mount fiber enclosure is indoor used for fiber cable termination, distribution, storage, and/or splicing of optical fibers.

This wall mount fiber patch panel enclosure can be ordered empty or fully loaded with SC adapter panels, pigtails, splices trays. It is ideal for application inside the telecommunication room, networking closets, etc.


  • 4 adapter panel type wall mount fiber enclosure
  • High-quality SPCC material used, strong protection
  • Door double door design, good flexibility, and big operation space
  • 4 LGX fiber adapter panels installed
  • Single-mode, multimode SC duplex adapters for option
  • 48 fiber splices, SC to SC termination capacity
  • Splice trays, cable spool available for fiber splices, excess cable storage
  • Black powder coated

Order Guide:

Part NumberAdapters
WMFE-DL4P-SC48F-SMSC SM adapter, blue color
WMFE-DL4P-SC48F-SMASC/APC SM adapter, green color
WMFE-DL4P-SC48F-MMSC MM adapter, beige color
WMFE-DL4P-SC48F-OM3SM MM adapter, aqua color

  • Dimensions:  15cm (H) x 35cm (W) x 18cm (D)
  • Holds 4 LGX adapter panels fully loaded SC duplex adapters
  • Splice Capacity:  48 fibers
  • Material:  16 Gauge Steel
  • Coating:  Black or White powder-coated


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