Wall Mount Fiber Enclosure, LC 96 Port, 4 Adapter Panel

WMFE-DL4P-LC96F wall mount fiber enclosure LC 96 port, 4 adapter panel fiber distribution panel, black powder-coated

General Details

FOCONEC manufactures Q-Conec WMFE-DL4P wall mount fiber enclosure LC 96 port. It has 4 adapter panels fully loading LC quad adapters.

The LGX fiber optic enclosure is indoor wall-mounted for fiber cable termination, distribution, storage, and splicing of optical fibers.

We offer wall-mounted fiber patch panel enclosure empty or fully loaded fiber optic adapter panels, pigtails, splice trays.

This fiber enclosure has 2 doors, which give easy access to inner fiber cable termination, distribution, and fiber splice operations.

The outer doors are assembled with lock for maximum security.

The fiber enclosure LC 96 port is ideal for application in building entrance, corridor, telecommunication room, networking closet, etc.

LC Fiber Optic Adapter Panel 24 Port, 10 Gigabit OM3 fiber adapter plate
LC Fiber Adapter Panel 24 Port, Multimode fiber adapter plate


  • High-quality SPCC material used, strong protection
  • Door double door design, good flexibility, and big operation space
  • 4 LGX LC fiber adapter panels
  • 96 port fiber connection
  • Splice trays, cable spool available for fiber splices, excess cable storage
  • Black powder coated


  • Telecommunication room
  • Building corridor
  • Data centers

Order Guide:



4 adapter panel type: 15cm (H) x 35cm (W) x 18cm (D)


  • Holds 2 or 4 LGX adapter panels
  • Splices:

2 adapter panel type: max 24 splices

4 adapter panel type: max 48 splices

  • Material:

16 Gauge Steel

  • Coating:

Black or White powder coated


Order Guide
  • Ordering Information:

Part Number: WMFE-DL2/4P
(Wall mount unloaded enclosure, black – standard)

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