Wall Mount Fiber Box 12 / 24 Port, 2 Adapter Panel Type

WFB-L2P wall mount fiber termination box, 2 adapter panels, 12, 24 port, SPCC or aluminum material, black powder-coated

General Details

FOCONEC produces WFB-L2P Wall Mount Fiber Box 12 / 24 Port, holding 2 LGX fiber adapter panels.

This 2-panel wall mount fiber box could be indoor used as a wall outlet, fiber distribution patch panel, termination box for terminating, distributing entrance fiber cables.

Our 12 or 24 port wall mount fiber termination box features small size, good compatibility.

Therefore, we widely deploy it in a networking closet, telecommunication room, corridor, or anywhere with smaller mounting space, and no need expense of heavy-duty wall-mounted fiber enclosures.

We could have LC, SC, ST, FC adapters, fiber pigtails pre-assembled in the factory, so to meet various fiber connections.

24 fiber splice trays, cable spools are available to storage optical fiber splices, access cables.

Wall Mount Fiber Box w/ Splice Tray

2-panel wall mount fiber box, SC 24 port

Wall Mount Fiber Box w/ Cable Spools

2 adapter panel wall mount fiber box, SC 24 port


  • LGX compatible
  • 2 adapter panel type wall mount fiber patch panel box, small size
  • latched cover, easy for on-site operation and cable management
  • Max 24 fibers for SC, FC, ST connectors
  • SC, LC, FC, ST or customized adapter panels for the option
  • 2 cable inlet/outlet at the rear
  • SPCC or Aluminium material
  • black powder-coated

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