Fiber Distribution Box / Hub, Wall Mounted, 4 Port

Plastic 4 port fiber distribution box/hub, pole or wall mounted, suitable for SC, LC, ST, FC adapters

General Details

Fiber Distribution Box / Hub, Wall Mounted, 4 Port

We use wall/pole mounting FDB-P104 4 port fiber distribution box hub to protect optical fiber splices, to realize safe fiber cable termination and distribution in the fiber access network.

As well, we use this fiber distribution box as a fiber distribution hub to accommodate optical fiber splices and cable terminations.

Additionally, one steel tube type 1×4 PLC fiber splitter could be assembled to distribute the optical power signals to different premises.

It can be indoor or outdoor used and provides safe reliable cost-effective solutions for:

  • FTTH fiber access networks
  • Telecommunication networks
  • CATV networks, data communications
  • Local area networks

Our fiber distribution hub offers a feasible solution for fiber distribution applications.

It fulfills the technical requirement of optical fibers and cables, such as the bending radius limits, over-length fiber storage, and the security of fiber splice connections.

It is suitable to install in corridors, basement rooms, and the building’s outer walls, etc.

fiber optic distribution box, splitter box SC 4 port
fiber optic distribution box, splitter box SC 4 port
PLC Fiber Splitter 1x4, SC/UPC Connector, Steel Tube Type


  • high impact plastic material, ultraviolet resistant, and rainfall resistant
  • SC, LC, FC connectors, adapters for options
  • Suitable for one 1×4 steel tube type PLC fiber splitter
  • Wall-mounted, pole mounting accessories available for option
  • 1 fiber cable inlet, max 6 drop fiber outlets

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