Vertical Splice Closure, 96 Core, 4 Cable Port, Heat Shrink Seal

GJS-DS304 vertical(dome) fiber optic splice closure, 4 cable ports, heat shrinkable seal, 420mm*190mm, waterproof, UV resistant PC material

General Details

Vertical Splice Closure, 96 Core, 4 Cable Port, Heat Shrink Seal

FOCONEC is a manufacturer of GJS-DS304 heat shrinkable seal vertical Splice Closure. With 1 to 4 fiber splice trays assembled, this GJS-DS304 fiber optic vertical splice closure could realize 24, 48, 96 core fiber splices.dome type GJS-DS304 Fiber Optic Splice Closure, 4 Cable Ports, Shrink Seal

As a fiber cable junction box, this dome-type vertical splice closure has 4 inlet/outlet ports, which are sealed by heat shrink tubes.

This vertical fiber optic splice closure features a dome structure, easy to operate with no special tools required. This fiber optic splice enclosure could be outdoor aerial, duct, underground installed.

Our vertical splice closure is widely used to accommodate optical fiber splices, distribute, branch bundle/ribbon fiber cables to different premises.

Made of high-strength PC engineering plastic, the fiber enclosure ensures perfect anti-aging, UV resistance performance in outdoor, underground harsh environments.


  • Aerial, buried fiber optic splice closure
  • Max 96 fiber splices for bunchy fiber cables
  • 4 cable entry ports, sealed by heat shrinkable tubes
  • 12 or 24 fiber splice trays assembled
  • PC material, high strength, anti-aging, UV resistance
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Long-lasting sealing and excellent resealing performance
  • Reasonable design, easy to operate
  • Temperature ranges from -40 to +65℃


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