Swing-out Fiber Optic Patch Panel 1U, LGX Adapter Panels, 24 / 48 Port

swing-out fiber patch panel RMPP-S1U/2P, rack-mounted, holds 2 adapter panel, 12 / 24 / 48 core fiber splice, termination, distribution, SPCC

General Details

Swing-out Fiber Optic Patch Panel 1U, 2 LGX Adapter Panels, 24 / 48 Port

FOCONEC produces 12, 24, and 48 core/port Swing-out Fiber Optic Patch Panel 1U. It is LGX compatible and holds 2 fiber optic adapter panels.

With a swing outward inner tray, we could do optical fiber splicing, fiber cable termination, distribution, and storage at the outside of this swing-out fiber optic patch panel.

Fiber optic adapter panels with LC, FC, SC, ST fiber adapters, pigtails, and fiber splice trays could be pre-assembled in the factory.

By loading SC, FC, or ST fiber optic adapter panels,  the termination & splice capacity could be 12 or 24 cores. With LC adapter panels assembled,  the termination & splice capacity could reach up to 48 cores.

This 1U swing-out fiber optic patch panel is suitable for mounting on 19″ or 21″ network racks, and cabinets. It is widely used in telecommunication closets, data centers, enterprises, equipment rooms, etc.

24 Port Swing-out 1U Fiber Optic Patch Panel SC Adapters


  • 19″ rack or network cabinet mounted
  • 1 rack unit
  • Rotating inner tray, convenient to install and dismantle
  • Holds 2 adapter panels, LGX compatible
  • LC, SC, FC, ST, MPO or customized adapters available
  • fiber optic splice tray available for storage fusion splices
  • Max 48 fiber splices
  • Cold-rolled steel, black powder-coated surface
  • Suitable for optical fiber splice termination, distribution, storage

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