Swing Out Fiber Optic Patch Panel 1U, SC 24 Port, 2 Adapter Panels

swing-out fiber patch panel RMPP-S1U/2P-SC24F, 19" rack-mounted, adapter panel w/ SC duplex adapters, 24 fiber terminations & splices

General Details

FOCONEC produces, wholesales 1U Swing Out Fiber Optic Patch Panel, which is LGX compatible and holds 2 LGX adapter panels with SC duplex adapters, to realize 24 core fiber splices in 1RU space.

The SC adapters could be single-mode in blue/green color, multimode in beige color(OM1/OM2), aqua color(OM3), or rose color(OM4).

For high-efficiency fiber cabling, time-saving, and cost-saving, we could have single-mode or multimode SC pigtails, fiber splice tray pre-assembled in the factory.

Our 1U SC fiber patch panel has a swing outward inner tray. It makes the optical fiber splicing, fiber cable termination, distribution, storage to be done outside.

This rack-mounted fiber patch panel is widely deployed in data centers, telecommunication closets, equipment rooms.


  • 1RU fiber patch panel, SC, 24 core
  • Swing-out inner tray, easy for fiber cable terminations, optical fiber splices, and cable storage
  • Holds 2 LGX fiber adapter panels, each with 6 duplex SC adapters
  • SC fiber optic pigtails in single-mode, multimode OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 fiber for the option
  • 24 Fiber optic splice tray for the option
  • Mounted on 19″ rack frames & network cabinets
  • Material: cold-rolled steel / aluminum
  • Suitable for optical fiber splices, distribution, storage

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