Surface Mount Wall Outlet Fiber Box, 2 Port

FOB86A-2F wall surface mount fiber outlet box, 2 port, w/ SC or LC adapters, terminate drop cable wire for FTTH, FTTB, FTTO, etc

General Details

Surface Mount Wall Outlet Fiber Box, 2 Port

FOCONEC produces FOB86A-2F Surface Mount Wall Outlet Fiber Box, with 2 SC simplex adapters or LC duplex adapters assembled. It is suitable for 2 fiber splice terminations.

We use this fiber outlet box to accommodate entrance drop fiber cables from outdoor to indoor, splice with SC or LC pigtails, then, connect to optical devices through pre-assembled SC/LC adapters.

This wall outlet fiber box is widely used as a wall mount faceplate, surface mount fiber box, wall socket, or fiber termination box in house and work areas.

Our surface mount wall outlet fiber box features a graceful appearance. It is applicable for FTTH, FTTO, FTTD, etc.

This surface mount wall outlet fiber box could be hybrid assembled with an RJ45 connector to meet flexible applications.

FOB86A-2F fiber outlet box structure


  • Wall mount fiber outlet box, standard 86*86mm dimension
  • FTTH indoor application
  • Spring shutter cover design for laser protection & dust-proof
  • Rear and bottom cable entry
  • Heat-shrink splice and mechanical splice holder integrated
  • 2 SC simplex or LC duplex adapters loaded
  • Suitable for 2 fiber splice terminations
  • Suitable for fiber or RJ45 connection
  • Store surplus fiber inside the box
  • single-mode, multimode adapters, pigtails available for options

fiber outlet box FOB-86A-2F


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