Single Door 2-Panel Wall Mount Fiber Enclosure, 24 / 48 Core

WMFE-SL4P LGX wall mount fiber enclosure, 4 adapter panels with LC quad adapters, max 96 fiber splices

General Details

FOCONEC manufactures WMFB-SL2P single-door 2-panel Wall Mount Fiber Enclosure, having 2 adapter panels loaded, to realize 24 core or 48 core fiber splices, terminations.

This wall fiber termination enclosure holds 2 adapters panels with industrial LGX footprint, suitable for loading LC, SC, ST, FC, MPO, or MTP fiber adapters, the types are available as follows:

This single-door 2-panel wall mount fiber enclosure supports fiber cable termination, distribution, fusion fiber splice, and excess cable wire storage. Therefore, it is also called a wall fiber termination box, distribution panel.

Our Fiber Patch Panel enclosure is suitable for indoor applications in equipment rooms, telecommunication closets for protective connection between fiber cables, pigtails, and optical network devices.

The single door design makes fiber cable management easier, and enough inner space ensures fiber routing with a safe bending radius.

LC Fiber Optic Adapter Panel 24 Port, 10 Gigabit OM3 fiber adapter plate
12 Port SC Fiber Adapter Panel, Single Mode fiber adapter plate


  • Material: SPCC or Aluminum
  • Surface Finishing: black powder-coated
  • Multiple cable entrance ports, cable in/out from upside or downside
  • 2 adapter panel slots, LGX compatible
  • 6, 12 fiber SC, LC, ST, FC adapter panels or 24 fiber LC adapter panels for options
  • MPO, MTP adapter panels, cassettes available
  • Single door, big open-angle, convenient for on-site operation and management
  • Folded edges for strength and robustness
  • fiber optic pigtails, splice trays, cable spools available for options
2-panel wall fiber enclosure SC, LC, ST, FC

Order Guide:

Part NumberProduct DescriptionAdapters PanelsSplice Capacity
WMFE-SL4P4-panel wall mount fiber enclosure, LGXSC, LC, FC, ST, MPO/MTP24, 32, 48, 96(LC only) cores
WMFE-SL2P2-panel wall mount fiber enclosure, LGX12, 16, 24, 48(LC only) cores
Attention:The fiber enclosures are suitable to fix MPO/MTP fiber cassettes.


dimension of 4 adapter panel type wall mount fiber enclosure, single door

Order Guide
  • Ordering Information:

Part Number: WMFB-SL4P
(4 Panel type wall mount fiber enclosure, LGX compatible, black – standard)

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