Aerial Fiber Cable Suspension Anchor Clamp

JCH-** Aerial Fiber Cable Suspension Clamp, J type overhead line suspension clamp for round cables with 5mm to 20mm diameter

General Details

Self-supporting Aerial Fiber Cable Suspension Clamp is cable hardware designed to suspend ADSS cable or self-supporting round optical fiber cable during the construction of the transmission line.J type self-supporting fiber cable suspension clamp

This cable suspension clamp allows installation on wall or pole by using stainless steel band, pigtail hook or brackets, in order to fix self-supporting ADSS round fiber optic cables with a range of 5 to 20mm diameter at the entrance pillars.

It is recommended for straight cabling or at angles of rotation slopes less than 25 degrees. For angles of slopes greater than 25 degrees, it is safer to mount the cable with two hooks/hangers.

This cable wire suspension clamp comes in two parts: J hook and plastic insert. And it is suitable for holding an ADSS or drop cable without damaging the outer jacket.

A wide range of gripping capacities and mechanical resistance archived by wide product range, with different sizes of neoprene inserts.


  • Suspension clamp, suitable for aerial fiber cable
  • Metal J hook, rubber clamp
  • Cable Diameter Range: 5~20mm
  • Wide range of gripping capacities and mechanical resistance
  • Pole or wall mounted by using stainless steel band and pigtail hook or brackets


  • Fiber To The Home(FTTH)
  • Local Area Networks
  • Telecommunication Networks

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