SC/UPC Fiber Optic Pigtail, Single-mode OS2 9/125, 900um Fiber

SC/UPC fiber optic pigtail, single-mode fiber, 900um tight buffer cable, yellow PVC or LSZH jacket, 1m or 1.5m length

General Details

SC/UPC Fiber Optic Pigtail, Single-mode OS2 9/125, 900um Fiber

FOCONEC produces single-mode SC/UPC Fiber Optic Pigtail with 0.5m, 1m or 1.5m length.

It is widely deployed in fiber patch panels, enclosures, termination/distribution boxes, and spliced with entry multi-strand fiber cables, then to realized fiber cable termination and connection with other fiber optic devices.

Our SM SC/UPC pigtail is produced with easy-peel 900um fiber cable in yellow color. The cable sheath could be PVC, LSZH. Easy peel tight buffer fiber cable wire is very suitable for on-site or field splicing and termination, save time and labor cost.

FOCONEC produces various fiber optic patch cords, pigtails to realize fiber-optic connectivity, including this SC single-mode fiber pigtail.


  • SC/UPC fiber optic pigtail, single-mode 9/125 fiber
  • UPC polished SC connector
  • 900um tight buffer fiber, w/ easy-peel outer jacket
  • Yellow or customized cable color
  • PVC, LSZH cable available
  • Lower insertion loss


  • FTTH
  • Data centers
  • CATV networks
  • Various kinds of testing and self-control system

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