SC-ST Fiber Adapter Panel, 12 Port, 6 Duplex Adapters

fiber optic adapter panel, loded 6 duplex SC-ST adapters, fit LGX fiber patch panel, enclosure or LIU

General Details

SC-ST Fiber Adapter Panel, 12 Port, 6 Duplex Adapters

FOCONEC produces SC-ST Fiber Adapter Panel, 12 Port, loading 6 duplex SC-ST adapters with copper housing.

Our 12 port SC-ST fiber adapter panel is with a standard LGX hole-to-hole mounting dimension, well-matching LGX style fiber patch panels, termination fiber enclosures, and wall fiber boxes.

This 12-port SC-ST fiber adapter panel has 2 push-in fasteners assembled for snap-in mounting.

It is easy to install, remove, add & change, and more flexible for fiber cable termination and management.


  • Standard LGX hole-to-hole mounting dimension
  • Suitable for LGX-compatible fiber panels, and enclosures.
  • Push-in design, easy to install and dismantle for checking
  • Quick deployment to reduce installation time and cost
  • 12 port, SC connector to ST connector coupling
  • Fully optically tested before delivery
  • Empty fiber adapter plate available
  • Made of cold-rolled steel, black powder-coated
  • Individual packaging in a plastic bag

SC-ST Hybrid Fiber Adapter, Duplex, Metal Type
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