SC Shutter Adapter Simplex, Single-mode Fiber Optic Coupler

SC fiber optic shutter adapter, SM SC fiber optic coupler w/ hinged cover for FTTH wall outlets, faceplate, LIU, etc

General Details

SC Shutter Adapter Simplex, Single-mode Fiber Optic Coupler

FOCONEC offers the Simplex SC Shutter Adapter, having a hinged cap on one end.

As a fiber optic coupler for 2 SC connectors, it is suitable for the application where plug-in and pull-off operations of SC connectors happen often.

  • With no need to worry dust cover missing
  • Always good protection for the inner mating sleeve from dust

According to the shutter’s position on the adapter, we have 2 types:

  1. SC shutter adapter simplex w/side-hinged shutter
  2. SC shutter adapter simplex w/top-hinged shutter

These SC shutter couplers have the same dimensions as regular SC couplers.

We could have them mounted on rack/wall mount fiber patch panels, distribution/termination boxes, FTTH Wall Mount Fiber Outlet Boxes, surface faceplates, etc. 

SC shutter fiber optic adapter in outlet box

SC Shutter Adapter In Outlet Box


  • SC shutter adapter, simplex
  • Ceramic mating sleeve, low insertion loss
  • High precision mechanical dimensions
  • RoHS compliant material used
  • Single-mode UPC, APC available
  • Standard mounting flange
  • NTT, Telcordia, ANSI, TIA/EIA standard compliance


  • Fiber optic transmission system
  • CATV networks
  • Local Area Network
  • FTTH and FTTx
  • Testing equipment

Order Guide:


Order Guide
Product DescriptionPart NumberHousing Color
SC/PC Simplex Single-mode AD-SCSMSX-HSFBlue
SC/PC Simplex Single-mode Standard Flange AD-SCSMSXBlue
SC/APC Simplex Single-mode Short Flange AD-SCASMSX-HSFGreen+White
SC/APC Simplex Single-mode Standard Flange AD-SCASMSXH-FGreen


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