SC Fiber Optic Keystone Jack, Single-mode, 1 Fiber

buy SC fiber optic keystone jack, single-mode SC simplex adapter loaded. Used on FTTH faceplates, surface outlet boxes, patch panels, etc

General Details

SC Fiber Optic Keystone Jack Single-mode, Simplex

FOCONEC supplies SC Fiber Optic Keystone Jack with SC adapter single-mode loaded, which realizes fiber optic connectivity in existing voice, video, data transmission systems, widely fit wall-mountable faceplates, patch panels, adapter panels, and surface mount boxes.

This SC fiber optic keystone jack/insert is holding one SC-SC single-mode fiber optic adapter to mate SC connectors from two separate fiber optic patch cables.

fiber optic Keystone Jacks For SC/LC Fiber Optic Adapter
angled patch panel 24 port 1u for fiber optic keystone jack

FOCONEC offers a one-stop-shop solution. We have blank keystone patch panels to go with SC/LC fiber optic keystone jacks. They could be 12, 24, or 48 port patch panels with 1U/2U rack space, allowing a combination of Ethernet, fiber, and telco connections in one central location.

Our Fiber keystone jacks or inserts are made to operate under rough conditions (-20°C to +70°C), delivering long-time steady network performance. All adapters assembled are with ceramic mating sleeves, so as to realize low insertion feedthrough connector to connector coupling. Steel clips on LC/SC adapters are made of stainless steel for sturdy connections.


  • SC fiber optic keystone jack/insert
  • SC simplex adapter for coupling single-mode fiber connectors
  • Suitable for fiber to the home, fiber to the desk installations
  • Standard snap-in keystone module,  easy to install
  • Plastic keystone jack in black color


Order Guide:

Order Guide
ProductSC fiber keystone jack
AdapterSC single mode simplex


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