SC Fiber Optic Adapter, Transparent Cap

SC Fiber Optic Adapters w/ Transparent Caps, easy fiber checking, optical signal diagnosing no moving dust caps

General Details

FOCONEC offers SC Fiber Optic Adapter, with Transparent Cap.

All SC simplex & duplex adapters could have transparent dust caps assembled.

The SC Fiber Optic Adapter with Transparent Cap gives convenience for optical signal checking, with no moving dust caps.

It makes fiber installation and maintenance more effective & time-saving.

wall outlet box SC adapter with transparent cap

Wall Outlet Box w/ SC Adapters, Transparent Cap


  • Transparent caps, easy for fiber checking/test
  • Standard dimension for a full range of SC adapters
  • Environmental friendly material used


  • Fiber optic transmission system
  • CATV networks
  • Testing equipment

Our standard fiber adapters, couplers, or mating sleeves link two fiber optic connectors, then to realize the connections of optical fiber cables, communication equipment, devices.SC fiber adapters, couplers with transparent dust caps

FOCONEC is a fiber optic adapter (Bulkhead Fiber Adapter) supplier for more than 10 years. Our SC fiber optic adapters use good quality ceramic sleeves to couple single-mode, multimode fiber optic connectors of two patch cables.

The SC optical fiber adapters are comprised of polymer/metal outer body and inner assembly, which is fitted with a precision alignment mechanism.

The combination of a ceramic mating sleeve and precisely molded polymer housing provides consistent long-term mechanical and optical performance.

Our optical fiber adapters are using materials that meet the RoHS compliance and EIA/TIA standard, giving our customer long-time stable fiber connections.

Order Guide:

Connector TypeLC, SC, FC, MU, ST, MTRJ, Hybrid
Fiber TypeSinglemodeMultimode
Insertion Loss≤0.2dB
Return LossPC≤-45dB; UPC≤-50dB; APC≤-60dB≤-30dB
Durability≤0.2dB, after 1000 times
Operation Temperature-40℃~+75℃
Storage Temperature-40℃~+85℃

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