SC-FC Hybrid Fiber Adapter, Duplex, Metal Type

SC-FC hybrid fiber optic adapter, duplex coupling sleeves, copper housing, lower insertion loss.

General Details

SC-FC Hybrid Fiber Adapter, Duplex, Copper Type, Low Insertion

FOCONEC produces the duplex SC-FC hybrid fiber adapter, an optical coupler with copper housing. This duplex fiber optic adapter is used to realize connections of SC and FC connectors from separated patch cables in single-mode, or multimode fibers.

With a standard SC duplex mounting footprint, this SC-FC fiber optic adapter could be mounted on rack or wall-mount fiber enclosures, termination boxes, patch panels, etc.

Our SC-FC fiber optic adapters/couplers are fully tested before shipment.


  • Used to coupler SC and FC connectors
  • Standard SC duplex flange
  • Ceramic mating sleeve, low insertion loss
  • Copper housing, better quality
  • Elite type available with insertion loss lower than 0.1dB
  • 100% tested before delivery
  • Good repeatability
SC-FC duplex fiber optic adapter, coupler
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