SC APC Pigtail, Single-mode Bend Insensitive Fiber Cable

SC/APC fiber optic pigtail, single-mode bend-insensitive G657.A2 fiber, 900um tight buffer cable, 1m or 1.5m length

General Details

FOCONEC produces SC APC Pigtail in single-mode bend-insensitive G657.A2 fiber.

Compare to regular single-mode G652D fiber, bend-insensitive fibers have a smaller bending radius, is more suitable for the fiber access network, and installation in tight small spaces.

SC APC fiber optic pigtails are produced with 900um fiber cable with PVC or LSZH tight buffer jacket. The easy-peel tight buffer fiber cable is very suitable for on-site or field splicing and termination, save installation time and labor cost.

We widely deploy bend-insensitive fiber optic pigtails in fiber patch panels, wall mount outlet boxes, fiber termination boxes, distribution boxes to terminate entrance fiber optic cables, outdoor to indoor FTTH fiber drop cables.

The tight buffer fiber cable is available with a yellow or white tight buffer layer. As per special requirements, ivory or other colors are available as well.

bending radius of bend insensitive fibers


  • SC APC fiber optic pigtail
  • Bend-insensitive G657.A2 fiber
  • Smaller 7.5mm bend radius, suitable for installation in limited space
  • PVC or LSZH outer jacket in white, yellow or customized color
  • SC/APC or customized fiber optic connectors for option
  • UPC or APC polishing connectors with higher reflection loss
  • 100% tested, individually packed with a test report


  • rack/wall mount fiber patch panels, enclosures, distribution boxes
  • FTTH wall mount fiber boxes, outlets

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