SC Single-mode Adapter, Simplex Fiber Optic Coupler

SC APC Fiber Optic Adapter, SM Simplex SC/SC coupler, standard flange, plastic housing, low insertion loss

General Details

FOCONEC supplies simplex SC single-mode Fiber Adapter, it is used to couple 2 SC connectors from two separate patch cables.

By using high precise ceramic mating sleeves, our SC adapters/couplers feature low insertion loss, stable optional performance.

SC APC Fiber Optic Adapter Single Mode Simplex fiber coupler

SC Simplex Adapter

The SC fiber optic couplers are widely used on SC fiber patch panel, wall mount fiber enclosures, termination boxes, wall outlets, LIU. They could be fixed by screws to reduce shaking and realize stable fiber connectivity.

All our SC adapters are fully compliant with the telecom industry standard.


  • SC-SC single-mode adapter, simplex
  • RoHS compliant material used
  • High precision alignment
  • Zirconia ceramic coupling sleeve, low insertion, and high return loss
  • Single-mode SC adapter in blue color, multimode SC adapter in beige, aqua color available
  • Telcordia, ANSI, TIA/EIA standard compliance

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