Pre-terminated Fiber Patch Cable, LC/SC, w/ Breakout Kit

buy pre-terminated LC to SC fiber patch cable, single-mode, harnessed fanout legs, customized cable length, breakout style.

General Details

FOCONEC produces Multi-Core factory pre-terminated LC-SC Fiber Patch Cable with ruggedized breakout out legs. The fanout legs could be harnessed from 0.9mm diameter up to 2.0mm diameter by adding a breakout kit.

fiber optic distribution cable

Fiber Optic Distribution Cable

The multi-strand distribution fiber trunk cables are constructed with color-coded 900um fibers. It can have 2 to 24 fibers in single trunk/jacket, or 6 / 8 / 12 fibers are bundled in one subunit, then all subunits identified by numbers are bundled in one outer jacket.

The distribution fiber cable is a convenient and economical alternative to running multiple jumpers or individual fiber cables. As an important part of the Plug & Play cabling system, a fiber trunk features high-density, factory-terminated & tested.

This multi-fiber patch cable allows connection from central patch locations to work areas quick, simple, and cost-effective, with no need for unnecessary splicing or terminations in the field.


  • Factory pre-terminated fiber patch cable
  • Eliminate field terminations or splices, save on-site labor cost
  • Multi-fiber solutions from 2 to 144 fibers
  • Single-mode, OM2, OM2, OM3 fiber cable for option
  • SC, LC, ST, FC, MTRJ, MU, DIN, D4 connectors available
  • PC, UPC or APC connector polishing available
  • 100% factory tested with complete test results
  • Custom length, staggering, connector type, far-out style, and labeling
  • Pulling eye available for connector protection, on-site easy and quick installation


  • Datacenter high-density fiber system
  • Backbone fiber cabling

Order Guide:

Optical FiberSM 9/125OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4
Cable JacketsPVC, OFNR(Riser), OFNP(Plenum), LSZH(Low Smoking Zero Halogen)
Cable Strand4, 6, 8, 12, 24, 48, 72, 96, 144 Fiber
Optical SpecIL(Max.)≤0.3dB
RLPC≥45dB, UPC≥50 dB, APC≥60dB≥30dB
Repeatability≤0.2dB   1,000 times mating cycles
Working Temperature-25℃ – +75℃
Storage Temperature-45℃ – +85℃

Color Codes:

Cable Jackets Color
Multimode (62.5/125μm or 50/125μm)Orange
Laser optimized OM3/OM4(50/125μm)Aqua
Connectors Housing Color
Single-mode, APC (angle polishing)Green
Multimode (62.5/125μm or 50/125μm)Beige
Laser optimized OM3/OM4 (50/125μm)Beige

Order Guide


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