Patch Cable Breakout Kit 12, 24 Core for Mini Fiber Trunk Cable

MDBK-09-12/24 breakout kit for mini fiber trunks, 12 core or 24 core, plastic or metal type breakout kits available

General Details

FOCONEC designs MDBK-A09 Fiber Trunk Patch Cable Breakout Kit 12, 24 Core for producing breakout fiber patch cables. It is suitable to terminate 12 core, 24 core mini distribution fiber cable with 250um bare fiber inside. 12 / 24 core breakout kit for mini fiber trunk cables

By adding this cable wire breakout kit, we could strengthen bare fibers up to 900um or 2.0mm diameter.

Plastic or aluminum material makes this breakout kit lightweight and strong enough to protect breakout fibers. Screw lock design makes it simple and easy to operate when to fiber cable terminations.


  • 12, 24 core fiber patch cable breakout kit
  • Suitable mini fiber trunk cables with 3.0mm or 5.0mm diameter
  • Harness 250um bare fibers up to 0.9mm or 2.0mm fanout legs
  • Plastic, metal breakout kits available for the option
  • Simple structure, easy to do fiber cable terminations
  • Strong protection for inner fibers

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