OM4 Fiber Adapter Panel SC 12 Port, w/ 6 Duplex Adapters

fiber optic adapter panel/plate 12 port, w/ SC OM4 duplex adapters, fit LGX fiber patch panels, enclosures or boxes, 1.5mm SPCC

General Details

LGX OM4 Fiber Adapter Panel SC 12 Port, w/6 Duplex Adapters

FOCONEC supplies the OM4 fiber adapter panel SC 12 port, having 6 duplex SC adapters in heather violet color loaded.

An OM4 fiber adapter panel with SC connectors and 12 ports is a component used in fiber optic systems. It’s designed to house SC connectors, which are a type of fiber optic connector known for their push-pull coupling mechanism.

The “OM4” designation refers to the type of optical fiber. OM4 is a type of multi-mode optical fiber that supports high-speed data transmission over short distances, commonly used in data centers or high-performance networks.

The OM4 fiber adapter panel SC 12 port provides a platform to connect individual SC connectors and organize the fiber optic cables, typically in a rack-mountable form factor to facilitate installation and maintenance in networking infrastructure.

Our 12 port SC OM4 fiber adapter panel has a standard LGX hold-to-hole mounting dimension, suitable for mounting on all LGX rackmount or wall-mount fiber enclosures, patch panels, termination boxes, LIU, chassis, etc.

The SC fiber optic adapters are all with ceramic coupling sleeves, offering low insertion loss connections of SC connectors to SC connectors.


  • OM4 fiber adapter panel SC 12 port
  • LGX mounting footprint
  • Durable black powder-coated steel
  • Blank adapter plate available
  • Standard flange or short flange adapters for option
  • Compatible with LGX rack or wall mount fiber panels & enclosures

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