Multi Fiber Pigtail, ST, Single Mode, 4/6/12 Cores

buy Distribution Fiber Pigtail SM, 4/6/12 Cores, SC/LC/ST/FC connectors factory terminated, 900um fanout legs

General Details

single mode fiber optic distribution trunk cable 12 coresFOCONEC offers Multi-Fiber Pigtail, a distribution trunk fiber cable with ST, SC, FC, LC connectors terminated at one end, the other end is open for fiber splicing with entrance cable wires.

Fiber optic distribution cables are multi-core fiber cables constructed with color-coded individual 900μm fibers. The fibers are bundled into 4, 6, 12, or 24 fibers in a single out jacket.

FOCONEC produces multi-strand fiber pigtails with 0.9mm fanout legs or 2.0mm fanout legs by adding a breakout kit.

Pulling eye could be pre-installed on the end with fiber optic connectors, enable easy handling of fiber cables in the field.


  • Riser, Plenum, LSZH flame-retardant cable available
  • 4, 6, 8, 12, 24 core fiber cables for option
  • Single-mode 9/125 fiber, multimode fiber available
  • PC, UPC or APC polished SC, LC, ST, FC fiber connectors
  • 100% factory tested with complete test results
  • Customized cable length, cable colors, staggering and labeling
  • Pulling eye, cable reel available for connector protection and easy cable installation


  • Datacenter, backbone cabling
  • Telecommunication room
  • Fiber To The Home(FTTH)
  • Local Area Network(LAN)
  • Various kinds of testing and self-control system

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