MPO / MTP to 4 Duplex LC Breakout Cable, Multimode OM3 10G Fiber

MPO to LC Breakout Fiber Patch Cable OM3, round distribution fiber cable, 8 cores

General Details

MPO / MTP to 4 Duplex LC Breakout Cable, Multimode OM3 10G Fiber

FOCONEC supplies 8 Cores MPO / MTP to 4 Duplex LC Breakout Cable in OM3 or OM4 fiber, more used to connect 40G QSFP+ optical transceiver and 10G SFP+ optical transceivers.

This MPO to LC or MTP to LC breakout fiber cable is produced with a round distribution fiber trunk with a 3.0mm or 4.8mm diameter.

By adding a breakout kit on LC end, the breakout legs could be harnessed up to 0.9mm 0r 2.0mm diameter, to meet a variety of fiber connection requirements.

4 cores of this 8 core fiber patch cable are for Tx transmission, and another 4 cores for Rx receiving, two LC connectors are paired for Tx and Rx.

Our MPO / MTP to 4 duplex lc breakout cable is available in single-mode, multimode OM2 or 10 Gigabit OM3, OM4 fiber. The harnessed fanout legs could be tailored to customized length, marked by custom labels.

All MPO/MTP to LC breakout fiber cable is factory terminated, tested, and widely used to connect with optical transmitters, and receivers.


  • Mini fiber trunk cable
  • MTP or MPO connector available
  • 8 strand fiber terminated
  • Strengthened fanout by adding breakout kit
  • 2.0mm or 0.9mm fanout legs.
  • Paired LC connectors for easy operation
  • 10 Gigabit OM3, OM4 fiber
  • Customized cable, fanout length
  • Serial number labeling, easy to install and manage
  • 100% factory tested, complete test results available for each breakout cable


  • Data Centers
  • Backbone Cabling
  • Local Area Network
  • Various kinds of testing and self-control system


MTP Connector:

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