MTP Fiber Optic Loopback Cable, Multimode OM3 Fiber

buy MPO / MTP fiber optic loopback cable OM3, multimode 10-gigabit fiber loopback, standard & elite MTP connector for an option

General Details

FOCONEC offers MTP Fiber Optic Loopback Cable in multimode OM3 fiber. The fiber cables used for the MTP loopback are 12 cores mini trunk fiber cable

By creating a loop of the signal from a transmitter to a receiver within one MPO loopback plug, it forms the optical link which allows testing of optical network segment by segment.


  • 8, 12 core MTP fiber optic loopback for option
  • Standard and elite MTP or MPO connector available
  • Single-mode APC and multi-mode MTP or MPO connector
  • Standard & customized fiber sequence available
  • Stable and reliable testing parameters of male and female connectors’ pin positioning


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Order Guide:

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Order Guide

Part No.:  FLC-MPO-OM3 / FLC-MPO-OM4

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