MPO-LC OM3 Cassette Module, 12 Fibers, LGX Footprint

12 core MPO fiber cassette, OM3 LC adapters, MPO adapter, patch cable pre-loaded, compatible with LGX fiber enclosures, panels

General Details

MPO-LC OM3 Cassette Module, 12 Fibers, LGX Footprint

FOCONEC offers 12 fibers MPO-LC OM3 cassette module, which features one MPO adapter assembled at the rear & 6 duplex LC aqua adapters assembled in the front. One MPO to LC 12 core OM3 fiber optic patch cable is assembled inside.

The pre-assembled MPO-LC OM3 cassette module provides improved link reliability between MPO trunks and LC patch cables in multimode 10G OM3 fiber.

Factory assembled MPO-LC OM3 fiber optic cassette module allows quick installation, and improves troubleshooting and reconfiguration during moves, adds, and changes, saving time and labor costs.

Except for MPO connectors/plugs, we also have MTP connectors available.


  • MPO / MTP fiber cassette module, 12 fibers
  • Multimode 10G OM3 50/125 fiber
  • Standard & elite MPO/MTP connectors for option
  • LGX standard mounting footprint, good compatibility
  • A label identification system for quick identification and exact connection
  • 100% test & inspection reports available for each module
  • Method A polarity
  • Factory-terminated fiber trunk cables, and pre-assembled cassettes, ensuring field installation reliability
  • Plug & play, quick deployment to reduce installation time


  • Datacenter infrastructure
  • Enterprise building backbone
  • Storage Area Network – Fiber Channel
  • Emerging 40 & 100Gps Protocols

Order Guide:


MM MT Elite®
Multimode MT Ferrule

Multimode MT Ferrule

SM MT Elite®
Single-mode MT Ferrule

Single-mode MT Ferrule
Insertion Loss

0.1dB Typical
0.35dB Maximum2,3,5

0.20dB Typical
0.60dB Maximum2,3,5

0.10dB Typical
0.35dB Maximum1,4,5

0.25dB Typical
0.75dB Maximum1,5
Return Loss

> 20dB5

> 20dB5

> 60dB (8° Angle Polish)5

> 60dB (8° Angle Polish)5

1 As tested per ANSI/EIA-455-171 Method D3
2 As tested per ANSI/EIA-455-171 Method D1
3 As tested with encircled flux launch condition on 50um fiber and 850nm per IEC 61280-4-1
4 Compliant with IEC 61755-3-31/GRADE B
5 For 48-fiber MM MTs, 72-fiber MM MTs, or 24-fiber SM MTs, performance assumes physical contact on all fibers. For these higher fiber counts, physical contact may be difficult to achieve. Please see USCONEC’s FAQs for more details.

LGX MPO Fiber Cassette Single Mode 24 Port Drawing

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