Fiber Adapter Panel, 6 Port , w/ 3 Duplex LC Multimode Adapters

LC 6 fiber adapter panel, loaded 3 Multimode LC duplex adapters in aqua color, LGX adapter plate, CRS material, black powder coated

General Details

FOCONEC produces a universal 6 port fiber adapter panel, used in LGX fiber enclosures and adapter panels to realize flexible and high-density fiber connectivity and cable management. 

Our LGX 6 Port Fiber Panel with 3 Duplex LC Multimode Adapters is a fiber panel with 3 duplex LC multimode adapters loaded. With a standard mounting footprint, our adapter panels are suitable for all LGX compatible fiber panels, enclosures, LIU, etc.


  • 6 port fiber adapter panel, with 3 duplex LC adapters
  • 18-gauge cold-rolled steel, black powder-coated
  • Plug-in design, easy to install and dismantle for checking
  • Quick deployment to reduce installation time and cost
  • Duplex LC adapters, fixed by screws, tight & stable
  • More adapters for choosing
  • Panels with number print available


  • LGX compatible fiber patch panels, enclosures
  • High-density fiber system

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