LC Simplex Adapter, Single-mode Fiber Optic Coupler

LC Simplex Fiber Optic Adapter at a better price. single-mode, multimode LC to LC fiber optic coupler, ceramic mating sleeve, low insertion loss

FOCONEC produces single-mode, multimode LC Simplex Fiber Optic Adapter, a simplex coupler has a ceramic mating sleeve assembled.

We use LC/LC fiber optic adapter to couple 2 LC connectors from different LC patch cables. For different fiber modes, we have the following adapters available:

Buy choosing high-level ceramic sleeves, the insertion could be controlled lower than 0.2dB. PEI material used for the outer body makes our LC adapter more suitable for high-temperature environment installation.


  • LC to LC fiber optic adapter, simplex
  • Precise ceramic coupling sleeve, low insertion loss
  • RoHS compliant material used

Order Guide:

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