LC Quad Fiber Optic Adapter, Single-mode Coupler

LC APC Quad Fiber Optic Adapter Single-mode, 4 channel LC to LC fiber coupler, ceramic mating sleeve

General Details

LC Quad Fiber Optic Adapter, Single-mode Coupler, Low Insertion Loss

FOCONEC supplies LC Quad Fiber Optic Adapter to coupler single-mode LC connectors. It is a four-channel LC-LC fiber coupler with low insertion loss ceramic mating sleeves and PEI housing.

By choosing highly precise ceramic mating sleeves, the insertion loss of LC fiber optic couplers could be controlled lower than 0.2dB.

This quad LC adapter has the same mounting footprint as an SC duplex adapter, has double fiber connector to connector couplings in the same mounting space, and widely used LC fiber patch panels, adapter panels, termination boxes, LIU, etc.

PEI material used makes our LC adapter more suitable for high-temperature environment applications.

Adapter Panel w/LC Quad Fiber Optic Adapters

LC Fiber Adapter Panel 24 Port, Single Mode fiber adapter plate


  • LC to LC quad fiber optic adapter
  • Single-mode, blue housing
  • Precise ceramic coupling sleeve, low insertion loss
  • RoHS compliant material used
  • Stand flange with metal clip(optional)
  • Same with SC duplex adapter dimension, good compatibility
  • Multimode LC in beige color or aqua color available

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