LC OM4 Fiber Adapter, Duplex Coupler, w/ Anti-shake Clip

LC OM4 fiber optic adapter duplex, w/ anti-shake metal clips, SC simplex adapter type, LC/LC fiber coupler in rose color

General Details

LC OM4 Fiber Adapter, Duplex Coupler, w/ Anti-shake Clip

FOCONEC develops duplex LC OM4 fiber adapter/coupler with Anti-shake Clip. The improved metal clip maximumly reduces adapter shaking and realizes stable LC connector to LC connector couplings.

Our LC duplex adapters with anti-shake clips cover a range of LC single-mode in blue color, LC/APC single-mode in green color, LC multimode in beige color, and LC OM3 in aqua color.

Our anti-shake LC OM4 fiber adapter is the same dimension as standard LC duplex adapters, used to couple LC connectors of two separate fiber patch cables.

This LC/LC duplex fiber optic coupler is compatible with a mounting footprint of an SC simplex adapter.

anti-shake LC duplex adapter OM4


  • LC duplex fiber adapter, OM4 fiber
  • A newly designed metal clip, reduce shaking on fiber panels, realize adapter stability on fiber patch panels, enclosures, termination boxes
  • Stand flange, screw fixing optional
  • Standard SC simplex mounting footprint
  • Quick assembly, saving time & labor cost
  • Single-mode, multimode adapters available

OM4 duplex adapter LC, anti-shake

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