LC-LC OM4 Fiber Optic Patch Cable, Duplex

duplex LC to LC OM4 fiber optic patch cable with PVC/LSZH/OFNR/OFNP jacket, Multimode 50/125 OM3/OM4/OM5 fiber

General Details

LC-LC OM4 Fiber Optic Patch Cable is a multimode 50/125 fiber patch cord, jumper cable produced with indoor duplex fiber cable.

Compared to regular OM2 fiber, OM4 fiber has wider bandwidth and higher transmission speed, widely used in data centers, building backbones fiber cabling.

FOCONEC manufactures OM4 fiber optic patch cable with customized connectors, cable length, and jacket color.


  • Laser-optimized multimode OM4 fiber, higher 10 Gigabit transfer speeds
  • 5x Faster than MM 50/125 OM2 fiber cable
  • Aqua or rose outer jacket
  • PVC, OFNR, OFNP or lSZH fiber cable available
  • Customized fiber connector boot colors, patch cable length, color, label marks available
  • 100% tested before delivery
  • 3D test available as per requirement

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