LC Duplex Adapter Single-mode, Square Fiber Optic Coupler, H-H

snap mount LC/LC duplex fiber optic adapter single-mode, multimode mode, square snap mounted, symmetrical type

General Details

LC Duplex Adapter, Single-mode, Square Fiber Optic Coupler

Snap Mount LC Duplex Adapter is a square mounting LC-LC fiber optic coupler. Our LC adapter is produced with ceramic coupling sleeves, and PEI plastic housing, suitable for mounting fiber panels with square mounting holes.

This LC duplex adapter features a symmetrical structure(high to high), and snap mount in square adapter holes.

FOCONEC has LC/LC single-mode adapters in blue color, multimode adapters in beige, and multimode 10 gigabits adapters in aqua color to meet wide fiber connections.

fiber adapter panel for LC square mounting adapters 12 port empty

12 Port Adapter Panels for LC Square Adapers


  • LC duplex adapter in blue color
  • Square mounting
  • Symmetrical H-H structure
  • Ceramic sleeve, lower insertion loss
  • PEI plastic housing
  • Good repeatability
  • High-temperature resistance

LC Square Adapter, H-L Structure

LC duplex adapter square type high to low unsymmetrical

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