Flexible Armored Fiber Patch Cable, Single-mode/Multimode, 2 Core

mini flexible armored 2 core fiber patch cable, LC, SC, FC or ST connectors terminated, in single-mode, multimode OM1, OM2 or OM3 fiber

General Details

Flexible Armored Fiber Patch Cable, Single-mode/Multimode, 2 Core

FOCONEC produces flexible armored fiber patch cable, 2 cores in single-mode or multimode OM3 or OM4 fiber.

By adding a breakout kit, the fanout of the armored fiber patch cable could be strengthened with 2.0mm armored tubes. The fiber optic connectors pre-terminated could be LC, SC, FC, and ST in customized configurations, to meet a wide range of applications.

Flexible armored fiber patch cable retains all features of standard fiber patch cords but is much stronger due to its extra layers of armor.

With the protection of flexible and durable steel tubes, armored fiber patch cable will ensure the excellent operation of your network.


  • Armored with stainless steel tube, against physical damage & external factors including rodents
  • Mini structure, lightweight, flexible, solid, easy to install
  • PVC, LSZH, TPU cable sheath for the option, applied to optical long-distance, field, building wiring
  • Factory pre-terminated LC, SC, FC, and ST connectors
  • Low insertion loss and high return loss, stable optical performance
  • Max bending radius due to the excellent elasticity of the metallic tube
  • Strong tensile strength, prolonged service life
  • Flame retardant characteristics and meet the requirements of relevant standards
  • Meet various requirements of market and clients

Cable Structure:


(cross-section of 12F cable)




Cable Parameters:

* all the values in table 2, which are for reference only.

Options Available:

  • Type of Fiber:
    • Single-mode fiber:  G652D, G657.A1, G657.A2
    • Multimode fiber: 50/125、62.5/125、OM3
  • Material of the Jacket:
    • PVC、LSZH、TPU、ETFE or other contracted material
  • Color of Jacket:
    • G652D—blue, G657A—grey,
    • Multimode products —orange or grey
  • Stainless Steel Tube:
    • SUS304、SUS204, or other contracted material
  • Other Requirements :
    • Other contracted individual requirements

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