LC/APC Quad Adapter, Single-mode Fiber Optic Coupler

LC APC Quad Fiber Optic Adapter Single-mode, 4 channel LC to LC fiber coupler, ceramic mating sleeve

General Details

LC/APC Quad Fiber Optic Adapter is one body four-channel LC-LC fiber optic coupler. It has low insertion loss ceramic mating sleeve and PEI housing in green color with a standard mounting flange same as the SC duplex adapter.

This 4 channel LC/LC fiber optic adapter features the same mounting dimensions as an SC duplex adapter but has double port connections in the same space.

Buy choosing high-level ceramic sleeves, the insertion could be controlled lower than 0.1dB as per customers’ needs. PEI material used for the outer body makes our LC adapter more suitable for high-temperature environment installation.

LC - LC APC Quad Fiber Adapter Single Mode, SC Duplex Mounted

LC/APC Adapters, 4 Channels


    • LC to LC quad fiber optic adapter
    • Single-mode, green housing
    • Precise ceramic coupling sleeve, low insertion loss
    • RoHS compliant material used
    • Stand flange with metal clip(optional)
    • Same with SC duplex adapter dimension, good compatibility

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