In-line Fiber Splice Closure 96 Core, 6 Cable Entry Ports

GJS-I203 horizontal fiber optic splice closure, 6 cable inlets/outlets, max 96 fiber splices 450*220*110mm(L*W*H), PC material used

General Details

In-line Fiber Splice Closure 96 Core, 6 Cable Entry Ports

FOCONEC supplies GJS-I203 in-line fiber splice closure 96 core, which is suitable for horizontal installations in aerial, ducts, and underground.

This in-line fiber optic splice closure covers 96 core fiber splices for bundle cables. For ribbon fiber cables, the splice capacity could reach up to 144 cores

Our 96 core in-line fiber optic splice closure has 6 cable inlet/outlet ports, covering a wide range of fiber cables.

We could use the fiber splice enclosure in fiber access networks for straight-through fiber cable interconnections and branch applications.

Our horizontal or in-line fiber splice closure 96 core is made of high-strength PC material,  can endure harsh conditions, such as vibration, impact, tensile cable distortion, and strong temperature changes.

FOCONEC offers horizontal and vertical fiber optic splice enclosures to meet different installations. All fiber splice closures feature reasonable structures, high strength plastic material, reliable long-lasting sealing, excellent resealing performance for reuses, quick and easy installation.


  • aerial, underground, or wall-mounting in duct/pipeline


  • Straight-through and branch application for cables of bunchy fiber and ribbon fiber
  • 96 core in-line fiber splice closure for bunchy fiber cables, or 144 cores for ribbon fiber cables
  • Suitable for aerial, duct, or buried applications
  • No special tools required, easy to install and open
  • Fiber optic splice trays increased and reduced easily
  • High-strength PC engineering plastic used, anti-aging, UV resistant
  • Max 96 fiber splices for bunchy cables or 144 fiber splices for ribbon cables
  • Perfect performance in sealing
  • IP68 waterproof, UV resistant
  • Temperature ranges from -40 to +65℃

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