Handheld Variable Optical Attenuator

VOA-H60 handheld variable optical attenuator, 0~30dB or 0~60dB attenuation range, to test optical power loss in FTTH, CATV networks

General Details

FOCONEC offers a VOA-H60 handheld variable optical attenuator. VOA-H60 series variable optical attenuator can conveniently and rapidly complete the continuous variable attenuation of 0dB~30dB or 0dB~60dB of the optical signal, with high attenuation accuracy of 0.1dB, providing the light attenuation function of fiber commonly used wavelengths, backlight adjustment function, accurate attenuation accuracy, and user self-calibration function.

VOA-H60 series is mainly used in the construction, upgrading, and daily maintenance of optical fiber communication systems and network, and are widely used in optical fiber construction and maintenance, optical fiber communication, optical fiber sensing, optical CATV, and other related fields.

Variable Optical Attenuator, handheld type


  • Attenuation range: 0~30dB or 0~60dB
  • 5 calibration wavelength: 1310/1490/1550/1620/1650nm
  • FC/UPC universal interface(interchangeable SC)
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Backlight switch
  • Lithium battery, 48 hours of working time

Handheld Variable Optical Attenuator backSpecification:



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