Handheld OTDR, Single Mode Fiber

OTDR-H130 handheld OTDR, designed for the construction and maintenance of telecommunication and CATV networks

General Details

OTDR-H130 Handheld OTDR is a unique product mainly designed for the construction and maintenance of telecommunication and CATV networks. 

As fiber optics play a more and more important role in modern telecommunication and CATV networks, the requirements for the construction, test, and maintenance of fiber optics links become more prominent. We can use OTDR-H130 OTDR in engineering construction, maintenance test, and emergency repair of all fiber-optics-related systems.

Comparing with a regular OTDR, OTDR-H130 is more compact in size and easier for field use.

OTDR-H130 has a handheld design, compact and lightweight, easy to carry. 

Through the USB interface, the test data can be uploaded to the PC, to facilitate post-processing, archiving, and printing.

Main Features:

  • Hand-held design, compact and lightweight;
  • Anti-seismic, shockproof, and appropriate for field operation.
  • Unique hotkey design
  • Starting in 3 seconds measuring immediately
  • Narrow event blind zone, a simple test of fiber patch cord
  • Automatic and manual test function
  • High capacity SD card
  • Low-power design, optical lithium battery or AA-size alkaline batteries
  • VFL (Visual Fault Location) function
  • Multiple light outputs, FC as standard ST/SC optional and exchangeable
  • OTDR Viewer software for data analysis
  • Light alarm function, preventing the device from being damaged by the signal light


  • Telecommunication construction and maintenance
  • CATV construction and maintenance
  • Cabling system
  • Optical components production and research
  • Other fiber-optics projects


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