FTTH Passive Node, Optical Transceiver

FTTH CATV network Passive Node, SC Port to Electrical Port, Optical Transceiver without External Power Supply, with Filter or without Filter

General Details

FOCONEC offers FTTH Passive Node, Optical Transceiver to receive the optical light signal, then transform it into an electrical signal, realize the analog or digital signal access to the home.

This Passive optical transceiver is broadly deployed in Fiber To The Home – FTTH CATV network.

With compact structure, reasonable internal circuit structure, this CATV optical transceiver requires no additional electrical power supply, which makes its application more easy and cost-saving.


  • SC optical end
  • With filter(1550nm) or without filter
  • Passive node, no external power supply
  • Small size, easy to use
  • Plug and play, extremely convenient
  • Minimum maintenance, no thunderstruck worry
  • Cheap price, cost-saving



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