Self-supporting Figure-8 Fiber Optic Cable, Single Mode

General Details

Self-supporting Figure-8 Fiber Optic Cable, Single Mode

FOCONEC supplies Figure-8 Fiber Optic Drop Cable in single-mode fiber. It is used in the local area network to lead fiber to the home or building.

With a steel messenger wire added on the external side, this cable has a figure-8 structure and is self-supported for aerial application.

The inner fibers are 900um tight buffer fibers, with aramid yarns as strengthen members. The out jacket is LSZH(Low Smoke Zero Halogen) and anti-flaming.


  • Aerial figure-8 fiber optic drop cable, 2 ~ 12 cores
  • Bend-insensitive G657.A1/A2 fiber, smaller installation bending radius
  • Self-supporting messenger wire added, better tensile property
  • Indoor-outdoor overhead installation
  • Simple structure, lightweight, and good practicability
  • LSZH sheath in black color, environmentally friendly, UV resistance

Cable Specifications:

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